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Construction Activity


Frequently Asked Questions

How will traffic be affected by work?

Drivers will potentially experience backups approaching the construction zone along I-275 and to/from local interchanges.

When will work be completed?

Major construction along I-275 is anticipated to be complete in the fall of 2025, with the corridor open to traffic.

What improvements are being developed?

Revive 275 will provide new road surfacing and other roadway repairs, bridge improvements, Intelligent Transportations Systems, drainage improvements, new traffic signals at local roads, and new signing.

How will motorists be kept informed of impacts on travel along the corridor?

Motorists can visit the project website for regular construction updates. There will also be updates posted on the @Revive275 Twitter account. Additional traveler updates will be provided through Intelligent Transportation Systems while they are still functional, but there may be down time when the equipment is being upgraded and improved.

How will sound levels be managed?

Most construction activities will be performed only during daylight hours. Occasional night-time work may be required; however, evening work will be minimized for noise and construction safety reasons.

Who can I contact about Revive 275?

The Revive 275 project can be reached as follows:

MDOT I-275 E-mail

MDOT I-275 Hotline

How are repairs and improvements of I-275 being funded?

A majority of Revive 275 will be funded by the Rebuilding Michigan program, which is focused on the state highways and bridges that are critical to the state’s economy and carry the most traffic.

Was any work done regarding lighting?

A lighting analysis was performed during design and did not meet the criteria for additional lighting along the freeway or at interchanges. 

Will this project add new soundwalls or repair existing soundwalls?

No additional soundwalls will be added as part of this project.